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Forms + Permits + Fee Schedules

Questions concerning forms and applications? Contact us 


Permit Application Information Sheet *

General Application Form

Application For A Variance

Special Use Permit Application

Application to Appeal Zoning

Application for Demonstration + Parade

Christmas Parade Entry Form

Request for Appointment Application

Sign Permit Application

Zoning Permit Application

Electrial Application

Conditional Power Application

Mechanical Permit Application *

Insulation Permit Application *

Building Permit Application *

Plumbing Permit Application

Mobile Home Set Up Application

Campground Permit Application *

Demolition Permit

Re-Zoning Application

Owner Exemption Affidavit *

Pier Exemption Application

Fee Schedules + Documents

Planning Department Fee Schedule *

Inspection Department Fees

Mobile Home/Module Home Requirements

Home Owner Recovery Fund **

Building Permit - Needed Documents

* Permits must be obtained from the Town of Lake Waccamaw Town Hall.
** 'Home Owner Recovery Fund' cost is $10.00 and will be in additional to permit fees.

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