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Image by Osman Rana

Wall of Honor

A public tribute to our local service men and women.


Harvey M. Foley

Staff Sergeant 

United States Army

Harvey Foley joined the United States Army on December 12, 1952 and retired on March 1, 1974. He traveled the world over including multiple deployments to Korea, Europe and Vietnam. During his second tour of duty in Korea he participated in the 1st United Nations Counter Offensive, the CCF Spring Offensive and the U.N. Summer- Fall Offensive in 1955. After his return from the hot war in Korea, Sgt. Foley was assigned several tours of duty in Europe during the height of the cold war from 1957 until 1964 with two 18-month stateside deployments. After returning to the USA in 1964 and two years of duty in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, Sgt. Foley was deployed to his first of two tours of duty in Vietnam, another hot war. During his time in Vietnam he participated in the Vietnam Counter Offensives II and III and, as his official records describe it, “Unnamed Campaign-DAMSG 2820107”. SSgt Foley received numerous awards, commendations, letters of appreciation and decorations including the Bronze Star Medal for having “distinguished himself by outstanding meritorious service in connection with military operations against hostile forces in the Republic of Vietnam”, awarded in October 1971.
Sergeant Foley is Town Manager Harry Foleys stepfather.

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