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Flotilla Registration Form

Please fill out form completely and accurately. 
*$20 entry fee applies.

Boat entries must complete the parade route and obey parade rules to be eligible for any prizes and awards. 


1. Vessel must be pre--registered and carry a registration number that is highly visible on the port side of the vessel.
2. A brief Captain's meeting will take place at 8:15 pm at the NC Wildlife Boat Landing on Canal Cove to go over rules and procedures. 
3. Staging area for parade participants will be at the Canal Cove Boat Landing.
4. Parade lineup will begin at 8 p.m. Participants should be prepared to turn on parade lights and cast off at 8:30 p.m. Text votes will be accepted beginning at 8:30.
5. Parade instructions will be issued on VHF Channel 4 and/or by town rep. Monitor 4 at all times.
6. Travel at a continuous “no wake” speed. Stay within 200 feet of the boat in front of you. Speed will range from 5-7 mph throughout the parade, depending on weather and may increase when crossing the lake from Bella Coola to the Dam.

7. No spins or turns anywhere on the parade route. Please keep a steady speed. Route takes approximately 1.5 hours depending on weather and parade speed.
8. Parade route will complete a full circle around the lake. Route will proceed northward towards Dale's Seafood, then eastward towards Big Creek, then southward to the Waccamaw Shores, finally heading westward taking the fleet back to the Canal Cove boat landing.
9. The judges' reviewing station will be located at Dales Seafood. Vessels should be brought within 100 feet of the judges station but do not stop, turn or spin.
10. Parade is complete when all vessels have returned to the Canal Cove boat landing. Once vessel has arrived to the landing dim parade lights and avoid the continuing active parade.

I hereby confirm we plan to participate in The Lake Waccamaw Holiday Flotilla. By officially entering the flotilla, we hereby understand and agree that our participation is voluntary and at our own risk. I hereby agree to hold harmless the Town of Lake Waccamaw for any personal injury or property damage which may cause in any way, or which may be occasioned to me, those on my vessel or my vessel. LINEUP & STAGGING BEGINS AT 8:00 AND FLOTILLA WILL BEGIN PROMPTLY AT 8:30 PM AT THE NC WILDLIFE BOAT LANDING ON CANAL COVE. I agree to complete the full parade route and to abide by all parade rules.

*A $20 Flotilla registration fee is due to participate. Payment may be made at the LKW Town Hall, 205 Flemington Dr. or mailed to P.O. Box 145 Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450. Checks should be made payable to the Town of Lake Waccamaw. With flotilla noted in the memo.

Thank you for registering!

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